Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friends! Here's how they are :)

It is an year and a quarter since I joined IFIM B School in Bangalore. By now I have quite a few pals whom I know from close quarters and many more in brief. Here's how I sum up about them, one by one. The order doesn't reflect their closeness to me. Randomly I pick names which come to my mind first. In Marketing terminology 'TOM Brand' i.e. Top of the Mind Brand. Here I go!!!!

1. Amit Kumar Pandey - Well known as Pandey'ji in the group. Has the desire to make it big. In pursuit of the same. So watchout. Infamous for his tryst with the Freshers' Day (mis)adventure.

2. Mohd. Parvez - No nicknames as such. My next-door neighbour in the Hostel. 'King of deliberate pun'. BTW, who said only women are 'shopping crazy'?

3. Arvind - Known as 'MhaapLa'. He claims that word to be 'Dude' in Tamil. We have religiously accepted his version. His 1st feet always fickles between Chennai and Bangalore. 2nd one between NASA and Air Force (Not IAF in any case. He is much beyond the 'paltry' IAF. Royal Air Force is his choice) Before we depart from IFIM, I would definitely advice him to write a book '101 ways to POSITIVEly remain a CYNIC'.

4. Subhra Behari - Her 2 better-quarters (that will make 1 better-half) call her Subbi or Shubbo. Very philosophical. There is a shadow of Mrs. Shabana Azmi in her. Also, some essence of the Late Smita Patil. Very softspoken but ready to grab a fight as well. As of till last evening, she trails 1-2 in the 'Water splashing game' with me.

5. Abhishek Dutta - Known as Dutta Babu among me and my close friends. Came into fame during the Freshers' Day for his role as 'Bobby'. Since then he is popular with that name. I guess this name 'Bobby' opens the floodgates of fortune. Even Dimple Kapadia came into fame as 'Bobby' which was the title of her acting debut 'Bobby'. Consequent 'Bobby' can be a failure. For eg: - Dharmendra's second son 'Bobby' Deol has been cornered and now watches Bollywood from oblivion.

6. Richa Jaiswal - Always busy. Either projects or studies. Very upright and straight forward. A Shoppers' delight! ;-)

7. Amit Bhadani - For some time, we mistook Adani Power as his propreitory firm. 'Adani' can be a portmanteau word. A of Amit + Dani of Bhadani = Adani. Like Adidas (Adolf Dassler) or Ranbaxy (Ranbir Singh and Gurbax Singh) He is a moral guide to Subhra and her 2 better quarters. Our last resort of Finance or Operations subject. Apex body of our group. Has a great taste towards the PSUs. Mythology runs in his blood and laptop!!

8. Avinash Chandra Srivastava - Sounds more like a super cop. Imgaine he introducing himself as "Mr. A C Srivasatava, Inspector General, Mumbai Crime Branch" Can send shivers!! His Tuesday evening Pooja has made us loiter around his room on Tuesday evenings. He gives the Pras(h)aad. It can be a burfy, peda, laddoo etc. Reminds me of a dialogue from the 1975 flick Deewar of Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor which goes like this "Maa prashaad samajh ke degi, tum miThaai samajh ke khaa lena". Literally it works like that in our case.

9. Robin Arora - Earlier Robin. Now he is 'Robbie', courtesy to his 'Aashi(qi)'. Kinda unpredictable. Fun to be with.

10. Munazza Nizami - Within the group she is Munna. One of the 2 'better-quarters' of Subhra. Kiddish at times. She is our official 'khabri' and shares some funny incidents from class.

11. Dipayan Das Gupta - His middle name has been scram... scram... scram... scrambled by us. It will remain a sec... sec... sec... secret. He is a soft target though. Ends up being a ba... ba... ba... bakra all the time. Anybodys birthday celebrations in the midnight is concluded only after giving birthday bumps to Di... Di... Di... Dipayan as well. Fondly known as 'DIPYAN' by Dr. Murthy.

12. Suchitra Raut - Known as 'Suchi' within the group. Known as 'Indira Gandhi' as well, courtesy to a few backbenchers of the class. But I wonder why that name. I have never found her in 'Emergency'. Always relaxed. She is the 2nd of 2 'better-quarters' of Subhra.

13. Aashneet - Known as 'Aashi' in her group. Bubbling with enthusiasm. Game for everything. She claims I look the same like her dad of his youthful days. That's the worst compliment a guy can get from a girl!! :-(

14. Anurag Moses - Known as 'Mosi' in the class. Kinda mischievous. When it comes to splashing laughter all over, he can give our Holy Man Mr. Russell Peters a run for his money. He got admitted into IFIM a tad too early. He should have waited for a course in VJ/DJ/Instruments etc. He is second to none in them and at par with the Nikhil Chinnappas and the DJ Aqeels of the world. If he doesn't have a stint in those fields which I am sure he likes the most, I would perhaps regret more than him. A talent would certainly go dumped!!

15. Amit Upadhyaya - Now this is a 'Kahaani mein twist' or a horror scene. So I postpone it to keep you in tenterhooks! ;-)

16. Sudhanshu - Owing to his rough voice, initially I thought this chap is an arrogant guy. Then I got to know he is a fun loving like most of us. Later I discovered he can make a good politician for he could drag a peanut discussion to as lengthier as those golden coloured noodles attached to the head of Rapunzel. Now I see he is philosophical as well. "Who am I?", "Why I am here?", "What next for me?". Hang on! These are not authored by the Jantar Mantar Babas but our very own Sudhanshu. I would call him Sudhanshu Maharaj and now I find it worth calling him so. Waah Maharaj waah... Aap ki leela aparampaar. Iss tuchch praaNi ko aur kitne avtaar ke darshan milenge Maharaj?

17. Paulomi Chaudhary - The first person I met at IFIM. This was during admissions. She is the 'Voice of women' in Electronics City I say. Very firm and adamant on her stand. No wonder she hails from the same place as Brinda Karat and Mamta Banerjee.

18. Anshul Sinha - Has got a host of nicknames. 'Chul chul Baaba', 'Baba Anshul', 'Choolwaale Baba' etc. Of late, he been inclined towards ISKCON. Preaches a lot of it to us as well. Has got tonnes of philosophy. But they take a break when he uncorks that green bottle accopmanied by some meat. But then that is OK he says. Maybe because the Goat which he eats is vegetarian.

19. Chandradeep Dubey - Dubey'ji is the official nickname ceremoniously bestowed on him. Proud of many things which is better known to him. Craves to acquire tonnes of knowledge. But without access to any knowledge sources. I almost recommended him to sit under the Bodhi tree one day ;-)

20. Ravish Chandra Mishra - Mishra'ji. Everytime I see him, he reminds me of the Govinda jig for the song "UPwaala thumka lagaao ki hero jaise naach ke dikhaaoo...". His uncanny love for Bhojpuri Songs has incited interest for the same in me as well. Now this is what I call an efficient Sales person!

21. Amit Upadhyay - He is a mystery. His friends call him 'Bacti', a shortened version of 'Bacteria'. Contrary to the bacterias which are invisible, his pranks are clearly at sight for all. He would care two hoots to the protocol to be followed on certain occassions if he is pumped up. For that matter, he is like a battery that doesn't drain. To quote a punchline from Amaron battery ad, 'Lasts long, really long'. To quote a line from the Bollywood number "Kudrat ne banaaya hoga, fursat se tujhe mere yaar" Some claim he is pain in their backseat. He somehow seems to be missing dearly, 'M/s Maghai Paan BhanDaar'. He holds Mishra'ji at gunpoint and would crib "Arrey O Mishra'ji... Zara humein bhi khilaaiye maghai paan..". I am finding out a way if I could arrange an MDP for this chap with M/s Maghai Paan BhanDaar. He can make stock markets crumble. He is an active member of the legal gambling called 'Trading' in Stock Exchanges. His volume of trading could be 1/infinity of Harshad Mehta. But his level of involvement is a few thousand times more than Mr. C B Bhave perhaps!! I move a motion to rest the Finance Ministry on his shoulders for a day. Our GDP contributors like Agriculture, Industry and Services will then be replaced by one entity. Bombay Stock Exchange. All roads in the country will then lead to Dalal Street. There will be direct flight connectivity from Wall Street, NYSE to Dalal Street. We will then see 'India 2020' articulated by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam in 2010. Yippeee!!!

22. Nagendra Shenoy, my best friend - Yawwwnnnnnn..... Time for a break!

I have great respect to all those mentioned and not mentioned ones here. This is not at all an attempt to take a dig at the mentioned ones but some mere thoughts. Everybody is wonderful the way they are. Like one of our Professors quoted in his farewell speech "There is a Abdul Kalam in everyone of you!" How true! Great pals. "Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hai jo makaam... woh phir nahin aate... woh phir nahin aate..."


Parwez said...

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to tell something about Nagendra.We both share the same passion(guys there can be other passions also apart from Naari and in some cases Nar)for current affairs and keeping ourselves up to date. He is Mr.Current Affair of our group. I would like to list few of his talents and qualities:
1.He has got amazing memory just like an elephant.
2. Bye the way, he has got the appetite of an elephant also.
3. He is a great singer. Several people have offered him various things like money, gifts, punches, kicks, etc to keep his talent a secret. His alaap is so powerful that it can scare the poop out of people. So, ladies and gentlemen if you need a "push" try nagi's alaap.
4. He is very stylish, especially when it comes to his hair style. Everyday he wears a different style, atleast that is what he wants us to believe.

On the whole he my friend and i have learnt a lot from him. I appreciate the fact that he is one guy that i can get into discussions.

richa said...

heheh!!!! this is super Maggi!!!
well since nagi has told a lot about us ..i ll say about him..the first time i talked to him he told me that he was married(donno y) i still remember we had all gone out it was fun. he comes of as a person who has a got a lot of intel, i don't say he isn't that but he also a nice simple ladka heh...n to correct one thing i m not studious.. i m just always on a deadline..ok

subhra said...

my father always says, the path to success for a student is 'simple living and high thoughts' (never followed by me). but i found a reflection of this line in this man named NAGENDRA SHENOY and our dear NAGI/MAGGI. yes its true m philosophical and have an idealistic view about everything but not so much like those oldy actresses(shabana azmi n smita patil). never mind. hey u know m going to mis u a lot and the tasty BANANA HALWA......mmmmmm. aftr we leave this place who will get me halwa??? and i think aftr some time when we meet again, your sense of style wil surely improve. hope so...

Nagendra said...

Hi Subhra, you have over-described me I guess :-)

Also if I were to change my sense of style, then perhaps I will not be doing justice to the explanation you have given about me. So let me remain like this. Then I can say "What to do? I am like this only" :-))

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