Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maha Circus in Maharashtra - Shiv Sena surpassed, Congress suppresses BJP, MNS surprises all!

A part of the title could be debatable. Has Congress suppressed the BJP?

If the Lok Sabha polls earlier this year were a clear indication of the rising wave in favour of the Congress, the recent polls in Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh were an icing on the cake. After drubbing the BJP severely in the Lok Sabha polls, the State polls proved to be a cakewalk to the Congress. When it easily retained the majority in Arunachal Pradesh, it emerged as the single largest party in Maharashtra and Haryana. Though a minor setback in Haryana should make the Congress wary of overconfidence, overall it is time for the Congress to celebrate, much to the dismay of BJP, once a potential threat to the Congress but now a mute spectator to the Congress glory.

Of the 3 states that went into polls earlier this month, Maharashtra, was the closely observed state for all reasons. First, it houses 48 Lok Sabha seats making it the 2nd largest Lok Sabha state after UP which houses a mammoth 80 seats. So, naturally the State will have a large number of Assembly seats as well which is 288. Stakes are always high in the MH Assembly polls for it's 3 major parties- Congress, Nationalist Congress Party and Shiv Sena. BJP has always been in the shadow of Shiv Sena in MH, unable to create an identity of it's own in the state. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), a new face and a break-away faction of SS, though has performed impressively on debut, will still have a long way to go.

Let us focus on the result of MH Assembly polls. The Congress-NCP duo leads the chart by winning 146 seats compared to the 135 seats they won in the previous polls, meaning, they have garnered 11 more seats to their previous tally. BJP-SS duo on the other hand, as expected, came a distant second, with 90 seats, compared to the 122 seats they won in the previous polls. What does it imply? Assuming that the elections have taken place with full transparency from all parties (no liquor, sarees, TVs, money distributed), it is clear that the BJP-SS duo has been rejected once again. The Hindutva/Marathi/Nationalistic agenda is not being able to connect the masses of MH. If BJP-SS feels that they could run through the elections by chanting the Marathi Mantra, then they are living in the bygone era. It is an era where youngsters too follow politics closely, thanks to every piece of information available 24/7 on TV Channels and online. They would now prefer a party which speaks of development, job creation, inclusive growth and such terminologies. But then, the Devil's Advocate in me, pinches me only to remind me that the MNS which chanted the Marathi Mantra, has won 13 seats on debut and gained acceptance as of now. Voters are like Indian wives, you never know which way they turn. Indeed! (Some modification to a Sidhuism)

Lets speak of the MNS now. A party which started with nothing less than controversies and then moved ahead with controversies ONLY, has now emerged as a surprise package with 13 seats on debut, 6 of which are out of the 34 seats in Mumbai alone, which makes it an 18% stakeholder of Mumbai. Truly an impressive performance I say. Moreover, it has also won the prestigeous Nasik constituency of SS. So the nephew of Bal Thackeray, whom he so verily underestimated, has also played spoilsport in the BJP-SS ride. But then again, it is too early to pass a resolution that all the odds are favouring the MNS. It would take another 2-3 large scale elections to bet on MNS as the next big party of MH or the next big threat to BJP-SS (or even Congress-NCP)

Let us focus on the BJP now. The MH pre-poll scenario and the results were a replica of the Lok Sabha polls that took place earlier this year. Be it the agenda bankruptcy or a weak alliance, or the lack of confidence - It was all the same and the result was also a s(h)ame-s(h)ame to the BJP. Marred by in-fighting and lack of a 'credible' and strong Central leadership, the masses had lost confidence in the BJP. It looked like the BJP had conceded defeat during the election campaign itself. When there was business as usual at the Congress-NCP camp, there was nothing much within the BJP-SS camp. Especially, the BJP, was never in headlines unlike the Congress, NCP and MNS. They were nowhere to be seen on news channels as well. Hence, the result was that the Congress, NCP and MNS emerged as top 3 gainers.

To conclude, it is very evident that BJP is on its knees. Congress has taken the mindshare of the masses as well as the market-share. The inside turmoil is indeed a boon to the BJP in disguise. It is upto them, as to how soon do they settle their differences and wriggle out of the shock with a revised agenda and a revamped leadership at various levels. Sooner the better. In a democracy, two situations should NEVER arise. One, same party ruling for more time. Two, a weak and a divided opposition. To our misfortune, we are witnessing both at the same time.

Back to square one. Has Congress suppressed the BJP? Ask any political novice, even he or she will give an unequivocal "YES!!!"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Joy of giving

"The joy of giving ... discover it this festive season... Instead of blowing up money give it to the needy ... Show that you care ... Every little bit helps ..." read the Facebook status message of the CEO of our Business School.

Took me back to my school days, where, listening to the 'Kabir Ke Dohe' seemed so interesting. Every Doha had a meaning, most times, related to what we do in our daily life, how we act or behave. This status message of our CEO reminded me of yet another 'Doha' from Sant Kabirdas. Here's how it is -

BaDa hua toh kya hua, jaise peD khajoor
Panthi ko chhaya nahin, lagey phal ati-door

Meaning, a date plam is of no use to the traveller, though dates are sweet and tasty. Since the date palm doesn't have any branches, a tiring traveller cannot rest under the shade. He even cannot enjoy the delicious dates since the date plams have a towering stature, thereby making it impossible for the tired traveller to enjoy dates.

Similarly, in vain is the wealth, property, knowledge and wisdom if it is not shared. Knowledge and wisdom in particular, do not extinct upon sharing them with others. Neither can someone steal them or deceive us of them, like it can happen with wealth and property. "Vidya dadathi vinayam, vinaya dadathi paatratam, paatratwa dhanamaapnothi, dhana dharmam tataha sukham", meaning - Through education/knowledge one attains humility, humility makes one eligible/worthy, this eligibility/worthiness assists one to earn wealth and then, utilizing this wealth not only for self but also for philanthropy/needy/deprived makes one attains joy, pleasure, happiness and bliss.

Thank you Mr. CEO for that wonderful status message on Facebook, after a long time I found a noteworthy status message on Facebook. Thanks a ton once again :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Arithmatic - Science of Mathematics, a better side :)

Most of us are number-aversive. I know quite a few friends of mine who scored well in their 10th Grade and ended up opting Commerce stream without Mathematics, reason being - "I HATE MATHEMATICS!". I know, scoring well doesn't mean one needs to take up Science, however, since we work in the reverse, that is how it was NOT, when I had completed my 10th. It was in 2000, 9/11 was still in the planning phase perhaps and none in their worst dreams had foreseen a DOT COM decline. Hence, it was crystal clear - IT is in the boom-be an Engineer to get into IT-for that study Science-so take up Science-for that score well in 10th. Finally, atleast in my locality, it was a norm that you have to take up Science if you score well in 10th. Reverse Engineering, was the Mantra, not one's interest.

I ended up with Commerce, though I had an 80% and was enough to earn a seat in Science for my +2 course. However, my interest was towards Commerce and I convinced my parents to let me get into that stream - It took me a fortune to convince them, another point.

During my long 9 hour journey to Mangalore for a Diwali vacation, it struck to me that though most of us run away from numbers, we unknowingly are surrounded by it, entangled completely in it. Right from counting our age to counting the number of days remaining for Valentine's Day (if applicable) to estimating your EMI to finding out various ways to invest so that the tax outflow can be reduced - WE ARE ALL INTO NUMBER CRUNCHING, whether we like it or not, are aware or not. Numbers have significance in History/Mythology/Daily life. I just tried jotting them down with some relative significance. Hopefully, I should be able to do a good job. Here we go!

1. ONE
Ekai pawan, ek hi paani, ek jaati sansaara
Ek hi khaakh ghareh sab baandhe, ek hi sirjanhaara

It means "We all breath the same air (ONE), we all drink the same water (ONE), it is all ONE religion (humanity), we are all like pots made up of same soil (ONE) and we all have only ONE creator". This is a Doha from Sant Kabirdas, which later was used for a song on National Integrtiy in DD-1.

2. TWO
Some popular characters of Hindu Mythology have always come in pairs. For instance, Ram and Lakshman, Bharath and Shatrughan, Luv and Kush, Krishna and Balaram. Lord Krishna had TWO mothers, Yashodha and Devaki.

Sant Kabirdas was popular for his DOHA, meaning those with TWO Lines. So were Sant Rahim and Sant Tulasidas.

The important deities as per Hindu Mythology are THREE. Brahma (SrishThi or Creation), Vishnu (Sthithi or Maintanance) and Maheshwara (Laya or Destruction). Collectively these are known as TRIMURTI. The sources of Distraction or Maya are also THREE - HeNNu, Honnu and MaNNu (meaning Women, Wealth and Property - MahiLa Morcha, kindly excuse)

LAL-BAL-PAL (Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal) were the Awesome-THREEsome figures of Indian Freedom struggle. Similarly, based on the nature of opposition, Indian freedom fighters were divided into THREE categories - Moderates, Revolutionaries and Extremists.

Lord Shiva had 3 eyes, one of which was vertically on the forehead and would always remained closed and open only when he is angry. Hence the name TRILOCHAN (Locahan = Eyes in Sanskrit)

There are 3 worlds or TRILOK - Bhoolok, Swargalok and Naraklok.

West Indies Cricket Team too has some connection with number THREE. They had a set of yesteryear Legends, namely, 3 S and 3 H.

3 S - Smith, Sobers and Solomon
3 H - Hunt, Hault and Hall

FOUR beautiful spouses of Lord Krishna. Rukmini, Sathybhama, Radha and Jambavati. The FOUR Vedas - Rigveda, Yejurveda, Saamaveda, and Atharvaveda. Similarly, tactics to get things done are in FOUR - Saama, Daana, DanDa, Bheda.

It is believed that there are FOUR Yuga - Krita Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.

The FOUR Aims of Human Life or Purushartha as per Hindu Mythology are Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha.

The FOUR stages of one's life or the FOUR Aashramas are - Brahmacharya (Bachelor/Spinster and attaining knowledge), Grihasthashrama (Family life), Vanaprsathashrama (Completed family duty and now sharing wisdom and knowledge) and Sanyaasashrama (In pursuit of Moksha)

Who else than the PANCH-PANDAVs could it be! Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. Their wife Draupadi was also known as PAANCHALI. The PANCHA-BHOOT over which the origin of life is based on - Agni, Jal, Vaayu, Aakash and Prithvi. We have FIVE sense organs - Eyes, Ears, Nose, Skin and Tongue.

6. SIX
That fateful number which the Kauravas repeatedly won in the game of dice against the Pandavas who lost everything including their wife Draupadi.

There are SIX Obstacles to Moksha, mythic term being 'ArishaDvarga', namely - Kaama, Krodha, Mada, Lobha, Matsyar and Eersha.

SEVEN days in a week, SEVEN rounds taken during a Hindu wedding symbolizing SEVEN oaths, SEVEN Stars aka Saptharishi Mandal, SEVEN doors to the heaven, SEVEN 'Swar' of Music (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da and Ni), SEVEN colours that make the beautiful Rainbow (VIBGYOR), SEVEN Janam or Incarnation, SEVEN Wonders of the World, SEVEN Seas, SEVEN-ills as mentioned in the Christianity, SEVEN Hills in Tirupati over which the richest temple of Lord Venkatesh is located, Balarama was the SEVENTH son of Devaki.

Lord Krishna, ordained to kill Kansa, was the EIGHTH son of Devaki and Vasudeva. His birth was on the EIGHTH day (Ashtami) of the Hindu calender.

The Holy Days of Goddess of Victory is known as i, meaning, NINE Nights. NINE Gems in Sanskrit is better known as NAVARATNA. India has categorized a few of it's PSUs as NAVARATNA Companies. Similarly, there were a group of esteemed people in the court of Akbar and Vikramaditya and were known as NAVARATNA. Tansen, Todar Mal and Birbal were a few popular people in the NAVARATNA category in Akbar's court. Kalidas was a person in the NAVARATNA category at Vikramaditya's court.

NINE has also got a special significance in the Kurkshetra War. This War lasted for 18 days. 1+8=NINE. There are 18 chapters in the Bhagavdgita, again, 1+8 = NINE. It was on the NINTH day of the War that Lord Krishna himself violated the norms of the War and tried throwing a wheel at Bhishma (As per the War norms, a charioteer cannot attack anybody and Lord Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna)

The War was also witnessed by the greatest Akshauhinis of all time. An Akshauhini too has a special significance here. One Akshauhini = 21,870 chariots+21,870 elephants +65,610 warriors on horse + 1,09,350 warriors on foot (A ratio of 1:1:3:5) Once again, the NINE factor comes into frame here.

21,870 chariots = 2+1+8+7+0 = 18 = 1+8 = NINE
65,610 warriors on horse = 6+5+6+1+0 = 18 = 1+8 = NINE
1,09,350 warriors on foot = 1+0+9+3+5+0 = 18 = 1+8 = NINE

Kauravas had 11 Akshauhini and the Pandavas had 7. So 11+7 = 18 = 1+8 = NINE. Or 1+1+7 = NINE.

Similarly, there are NINE Planets also better known as NAVAGRAHA in Hindu Mythology. Similarly, NINE kinds of grains or NAVADHAANYA, essential for human living. Similarly, NINE kinds of State-of-mind which is depicted on one's face are known as NAVARASA - Love, Laughter, Fury, Compassion, Aversion, Horror, Heroic, Wonder and Peace.

10. TEN
TEN Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, better known as DASHAVATARA, namely - Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.

Most of the above mentioned are related to us in some way or the other. Be it through religion or mythology or through our acts in daily life - It all can collectively be put in a numerical form. Hence, no running away from NUMBERS!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Noble Nobel (Laureates)?

Ai ai ai... I am back home and already had prawns curry with white rice for dinner last night and sometime back loaded myself with fried fish and curd rice for lunch. Taking a nap immediately after lunch, especially when you have fried fish would add on more to one's weight and I have already got a warning to reduce some of it, from my parents, when they saw me after more than a month!

So I am back to scribbling. Over the last 8-10 days, I witnessed a lot of unprecedented events, both personally and otherwise. The week (06.10.2009) started on an unpleasant note, with a close buddy of mine going down with some health related issues and losing out on one of the exams. Then, such events, came in a flury - Be it the not-so-simple-exam compared to the last term or the corrupt Bangalore Police imposing 300 bucks fine on me (wonder if the Govt. treasurey has been transferred to that cop's pocket) for a U-Turn where I was not supposed to (of course it was my fault but the no-U Turn board was possibly visible only to Christ) or be it the 'surprise' promised by our Professor in his Services Marketing paper - Trust me, I've seen it all. Add to it some more - like a few rules relating to our placements which has sent some jitters amongst a section of students or the the most widely debated and argued topic over the last few days i.e. Barack Obama winning the 'Nobel Peace Prize' - It has indeed been a busy week.

It was last Friday after lunch, around 2.30PM, when I just refreshed the Times of India website and in came the 'Breaking News', break-free and repeatedly mentioning "Barack Obama wins the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize". Till then, I was deep into my New Product Development paper which was scheduled next morning. My initial reaction was 'just a smile'. I thought the Chicagoans had something to cheer for. It was not even a week that they had lost the 2016 Olympic bid to Brazil. Obama had rallied behind the IOC as well to get the Olympics to US in which he failed, in the very first round. The 'USA Today' had reacted critically to this defeat. To quote them exactly, "Olympic bid defeat speaks to world's perception of U.S" is what their website read. So I wondered, will India ever have such a caring Head of the Country like the US Prez? Yes! Less than a week of losing the Olympic bid, he had won the Nobel Peace Prize which would bring the lost smiles back on the Americans' face. I am told the Americans love their President a lot. Sometimes even Indians love US President. Our own PM had conveyed this message to the predecessor of Obama - "Mr. Bush, everyone in India loves you!"

So I read that flash message in the ToI website and got back into New Product Development. I wasn't able to concentrate since referring the website caused some distraction. So I got into the website again and started reading in detail. As it started to sink in, I just wondered as to what major accomplishments of Obama led the Nobel Prize Committee for bestowing this Award on him. He has been running around to various Conclaves and Countries for 'World Peace', be it the call to the Muslim World, when he had been to Cairo, to co-operate with US for peace (Muslims constitute close to 25% of World Population) or be it his meet with the Islam clergies in the Arab World. From pressurizing India to sign the CTBT to dreaming a world nuke-free to disarmament calls - He has been giving everything to ensure world peace or atleast has tried sounding similar to it, whichever way you take it!

As I was speaking to one of my friends over phone, he said that by the time Obama took over as the President, the nominations for the Prize had already closed. I still had an inch of a doubt that the Committee couldn't be as insane as they proved it later. With Google, one could always GO and OGLE the details and guess what?! I did exactly that. I was redirected to the official website of the Nobel Prize and got a few details, a part of the relevant detail is as follows -

"FebruaryDeadline for submission. The Committee bases its assessment on nominations that must be postmarked no later than 1 February each year. Nominations postmarked and received after this date are included in the following year's discussions. In recent years, the Committee has received close to 200 different nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The number of nominating letters is much higher, as many are for the same candidates" []

So the website clearly states that the nominations close on February 1st of every year. Obama took over as the US President on January 20th. What on earth did the committee (fore)see in terms of Obama's contribution to World Peace in these 10 days? I can only say that the Committee has been carried away by Obama's "Yes, we can!" speech or his stature. I also fail to understand who the dickens on earth hastily nominated him within these 10 days time.

Obama's response to the Prize says it all. "Humbled and SURPRISED" and "I take it as a CALL TO ACTION" echoes only "I don't deserve the Nobel".

Naturally, with Electronic Media accessible to most on earth, a debate had already sparked out. Various forums and communities/groups of the (Anti)Social Nett-UNWORTHY-sites had discussions running over the Nobel Peace Prize rapidly. But the WALL of Facebook saw many a funny quotes, some of which are here -

1. Did Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize for 'Not being a Bush'? - Thus questioned my cousin from US.

2. If Obama could get a Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to World Peace, Saddam Hussain and Ahmedinejaad too be given a Nobel each in Physics, for their contribution to WMD - My friend Gopal Pai and an SMS.

3. Obama gets Nobel Peace Prize, US BOMBS the Moon for water - Thus reminded a friend of my cousin in the Facebook Wall comment section.

4. US owns 14 of the Top 20 Arms Manufacturer - One of my friends (However, an authentication needed for his statement)

I myself felt, it was more of a 'Nobel SPEECH Prize' for the mesmerizing speech he made during the pre-elections campaign. Inspired by Obama's Nobel, 2 days later, our Ace businessman Anil Ambani seeks truce with his brother Mukesh!

All in all, history books for years to come will only mention, "Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner for the year 2009", whether one likes it or not. But it will also be remembered as the most widely debated and discussed topic all over.

I only hope that Nobel Prizes in future would be awarded for ACCOMPLISHMENTS and not ARTICULATION, else, Indian Politicians would top the charts!
Congratulations to 'Chidambaram to Cambridgde' Mr. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, an Indian born US Scientist on winning the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. I read that he was miffed at his fans for overloading his inbox with congratulatory E-Mails which blocked important communications. When we can empathize with him for the inconvenience caused, Ramakrishnan too needs to understand that no one sends an E-Mail with an intention to overload the inbox and cause inconveneince to others. To err is human, to forgive is divine. And yes, he has forgiven his E-Mail fans!
Meanwhile, the hero of my last blog topic, Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his birthday last week. He is 67 years YOUNG now. Belated wishes to the Big B. I hope he too has forgiven his fans and well-wishers who blocked his SMS Inbox with 1600+ SMSs.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Some of my favourites... here they are!

Yippeee!!! I am done with my project presentations yesterday. My mind feels a few tons lighter! But my heart gets as many tons heavier when I think of the exams which would commence in another 5 days time. Having said that, I decided to relax and clean my desktop which had become a storehouse for all those documents and articles downloaded from the 'Top 10 Google searches' (as our CEO puts it). Google has made search easier but bandwidth tougher!! They say "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going". Inspite of the tough bandwidth, I did download quite a few Cricket and Amitabh Bachchan videos. As the thought was haunting me since this evening as to what could be the possible next topic for me to scribble, I decided that I should keep it simple and not grind my Hippocampus. Hippocampus is that part of the brain which is very crucial for a strong memory power! I need them desperately for whole of next week, got to (or GOTCHA in SMS/Chat/Internet language) fight 6 wars. 4 Marketing Wars, 1 Legal War (my Business Law paper) and 1 'God knows what it is' War :-)

Well, I would do strain my Hippocampus to certain level so that it doesn't get blunt. This is a kinda warm-up for it let us suppose. Let me warm it up by trying to recollect some of my favourites. Here they are -

Favourite Movies

5. Swades - It is a movie for all those who are cynical about the 'System' in India, especially to our NRI brothers.

4. Kaala Pathar - Juxtaposes the life of the capitlaists with that of the poor. Amitabh was brilliant in that movie and by far it is his best, according to me.

Deewar - A movie which inspired Slumdog Millionaire. The movie goes on to show that those who tread the path of non-righteousness would always meet with misery and defeat. It is also close to my heart for some of the mind-blowing dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan (discussed at the end) and a few dynamic scenes which played a part in making AMITABH BACHCHAN.

2. Taare Zameen Par - Aamir Khan's best. Though it speaks of the challenged or under-privileged kids and the attention they require, I feel it showed that there is a divine soul in all of us.

1. Anand
- No words can describe this movie. All I can say is it changed my belief from 'Play to win' to 'Play like a winner'. When most of us have different reasons to be unhappy, here we have a story of a man who decides to 'live life kingsize' and remain happy despite knowing that he would be departing from his loved ones very soon. It is just a classic and my most favourite till date.


Favourite Actors

5. Amol Palekar - Remember his movie Golmal? He did well even in Rajanigandha.

4. Amrish Puri - This rough voiced man was amazing as a villain. He did well even in some gentle-giant roles.

3. Paresh Rawal - Like him for the humour and also his acting skills. He was divine in Hera-Pheri.

2. Aamir Khan - Simply superb. He has ensured that he doesn't remain a chocolate boy all through his life. His Taare Zameen Par deserved an Oscar!

1. Amitabh Bachchan - May be a wrong choice for someone who is brought up in the 90s. But after watching Don, Deewar, Kaalia, Agneepath, Sholay, Kaala Pathar, Hum, I can easily say that he is the best in Bollywood. His dialogue delivery ensured that I get etched on to him forever. He is the angry young man, greatest entertainer, megastar and yes... he is the 'Chalta-phirta Oscar of Indian Cinema'.


Favourite Cricketer

5. Steve Waugh - One of the best Captains in recent history.

4. Brian Lara - Prince of the Carribean. He was a classic. From his stance to his square cut to his one-legged-pull to his 153* against Australia to win a Test match by one wicket - he was just a treat. Somehow I feel he played for the wrong West Indies' Team.

3. Sanath Jayasuriya - Matara Mauler. He had the ability to bat full 50 0vers or was a better bowler who could be given a full quota of 10 overs. He is one of those who could go on to take even Wasim Akram. I have enjoyed Sanath-Wasim contest always.

2. Wasim Akram - Allan Border once said "If at all I were to take rebirth as a Cricketer, I would be Wasim". He was 'World's envy, Pakistan's pride'. Be it as a 20-odd year old lad till the time he played last in his mid-30s, he has always been energetic, lively and 100% committment player. Find of Imran Khan, he had almost everything with him. He could bowl outswingers, inswingers, toe-crushing yorkers, reverse-swing, pinch hit at lower down the order and also score a 257* in a Test match. He has also been someone who lost his cool very often but today when I see him as a commentator, he is altogether a different Wasim. And yeah... he played most of his Cricket being diabetic.

1. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
- Widely respected Cricketer. From the Aussie players to the Englishmen, from the alumni of world Cricket to the new budding figures of Cricket - He finds a page in everyone's book. A placard when he was playing at Sydeny read - "Commit all your sins when Sachin is batting, because, then, even Christ is watching". The day he hangs up his boots will be a heartbreak for Indians. He is someone who has scored a century in less than 48 hours of his dad's funeral, going on to get an appreciatory letter via fax from the Prime Minister of India. Probably I will reserve most of my thoughts about this great man when I write one whole topic on him.


Some of my favourite dialogues from Bollywood (Most of them are of Amitabh Bachchan. Kindly live with it or pretend to do so)

1. "Yeh hi hai tumhara aDDa jahaan log tumhein jaante hai?? Sher Khan... Ab na hi wardi hai, na hi main duty mein hoon... Ilaaka tumhara hai aur mein bilkul akayla hoon..." - Amitabh to Pran in Zanjeer (just before the fight scene)

2. "Jab tak baiThne ko na kahaa jaaye, tab tak chhup-chhap khaDey raho... yeh police station hai.. tumhaare baap ka ghar nahin.." - Amitabh to Pran in the Police Station duering their first meet , once again in Zanjeer.

3. "Haath pe likha hua daag toh tum plastic surgery kar ke miTaa sakti ho Anita... magar jo daag mere dil pe hai, ussey duniya ka koyee bhi doctor miTaa nahin sakta..!!!" - Amitabh to Parveen Babi in Deewar (when Parveen Babi says that the tatooed write up on his hand can be erased using plastic surgery)

4. "Yeh duniya bahut hi bigaDi hui cheez hai Gaitonde saab... yahaan pe jinda rehne ke liye bigDa hua hona bahut jaroori hai..." - Amitabh to the Police Officer in Agneepath when the Police Officer advises him to toe the line.

5. "Jab tak ek bhaai bol raha hai... tab tak ek bhai sun raha hai... Aur jab ek mujrim bolega... tab ek police officer sunega!!" - Shashi Kapoor to Amitabh in Deewar when Amitabh asks him if it is brother listening to him or a Police Officer.

6. "Bambai ki saari police mujhe dhoonD rahi hai.. iss se buri khabar aur kya ho sakti hai?" - Amitabh to his aid in Deewar when his aid says that there is a bad news for him.

7. "Maa prashaad samajh kar degi... tum miThaai samajh kar khaa lena" - Shashi Kapoor to a stubborn Amitabh who rejects the Prashaad offered by his mother.

8. "Jo aaj tak tumhaari mandir ki seeDiyaan na chaDa, jisne aaj tak tumhaare saamne sar nahin jhukaaye, jisne aaj tak tumhaare saamne haath nahin jhoDe... woh haath... woh haath tumhaare saamne haath phailaa ke khaDa hai..." - Amitabh in the famous temple scene, a monologue with Lord Shiva. Easily this is my most favourite scene from Hindi cinema.


Favourite actresses

5. Deepthi Bhatnagar/Suman Ranganathan/Kunika/Neena Gupta/Simi Grewal - Thumbs Up to all these vamps!

4. Bipasha Basu - Black beauty

3. Rani Mukherjee - Girl next door

2. Neetu Singh/Zeenat Aman/Parveen Babi - The glamour trio of the 70s

1. Mallika Sherawat - Yeah...!! She is just BOLD. Atleast after I saw those 17 'Juicy collision' in Khwahish, I was CLEAN BOWL'D ;-)


So that was some much needed fun for me after pretending that I was working hard for the project and presentations earlier this week. It's time to beg and borrow the class slides for the end term exam starting next week. It's also time for me to get geared up and test my memory in the exam hall. Stay tuned till then!

Note -

1. Congratulations to the Indian Cricket Team who have been ousted of the Champion's Trophy. Now we will not get hooked on to Star Sports/ESPN, could earn some 5-6 more marks!

2. Team India has been successful in innovatively exiting from the Champion's Trophy.
Congratulations once agin.

3. I know being an ardent Amitabh follower, Sholay should have featured in the Favourite Movies' list. But sorry!

4. Hmmmmmmmm.............. Huh!! Just chuck it