Monday, October 19, 2009

Joy of giving

"The joy of giving ... discover it this festive season... Instead of blowing up money give it to the needy ... Show that you care ... Every little bit helps ..." read the Facebook status message of the CEO of our Business School.

Took me back to my school days, where, listening to the 'Kabir Ke Dohe' seemed so interesting. Every Doha had a meaning, most times, related to what we do in our daily life, how we act or behave. This status message of our CEO reminded me of yet another 'Doha' from Sant Kabirdas. Here's how it is -

BaDa hua toh kya hua, jaise peD khajoor
Panthi ko chhaya nahin, lagey phal ati-door

Meaning, a date plam is of no use to the traveller, though dates are sweet and tasty. Since the date palm doesn't have any branches, a tiring traveller cannot rest under the shade. He even cannot enjoy the delicious dates since the date plams have a towering stature, thereby making it impossible for the tired traveller to enjoy dates.

Similarly, in vain is the wealth, property, knowledge and wisdom if it is not shared. Knowledge and wisdom in particular, do not extinct upon sharing them with others. Neither can someone steal them or deceive us of them, like it can happen with wealth and property. "Vidya dadathi vinayam, vinaya dadathi paatratam, paatratwa dhanamaapnothi, dhana dharmam tataha sukham", meaning - Through education/knowledge one attains humility, humility makes one eligible/worthy, this eligibility/worthiness assists one to earn wealth and then, utilizing this wealth not only for self but also for philanthropy/needy/deprived makes one attains joy, pleasure, happiness and bliss.

Thank you Mr. CEO for that wonderful status message on Facebook, after a long time I found a noteworthy status message on Facebook. Thanks a ton once again :)

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