Friday, February 18, 2011

Ab inn ke khilaf bagaawat kaun karein, Bhagat Singh Paaji?

Dear Bhagat Singh Paaji,

Sat sri akaal
. Sorry for greeting you so, inspite of knowing that you were an Atheist. Sat Sri Akal roughly translates to "God is the ultimate truth". I am no expert in Punjabi. Of course, I know a few Punjabi words and terms - Chak de phatte, oye paapey, teri meri ik jind, soniye, hiriye, paaji, balle balle - all thanks to Bollywood. I know the meanings of a few trademark and hardcore Punjabi slogans too - Waahe Guruji ka Khalsa, Waahe Guruji ki Fateh; Jo Bole So Nihaal, Sat Sri Akal - all thanks to Wiki here.

, Wiki is not yet another Viceroy exported to India by the Atlees and Churchills after 1931 when you were hanged for the first time (Hanged for the first time? Yes Paaji, there is a reason for this, you will know it shortly) It is simply an internet page. Wikipedia. A storehouse of information. Recently, a lot of MBA students donated generously to keep that page up and running which also meant their academic projects will now sail through smoothly. However, it is also something which can be easily fiddled with. One doesn't need an act of bravado like the Kakori train robbery which you and your comrades showcased during the freedom movement.

Anyways Paaji, to cut the crap, Wiki was once again fiddled with. Like I mentioned before, without much bravado. The page that read about your glory was the victim. On 13th or 14th February, a few anti-Valentine groups/individuals found it heroic to alter your death day on Wiki and spread false rumours. The page read that Bhagat Singh was hanged on 14th February. Soon after, false SMSs were launched which stated that though 14th February was the day when Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British, but Indian youth only celebrate it as Valentines Day. Facebook, Twitter were abuzz with similar messages. Rumours spread faster than truth and forest-fire. This was a classic case which proved that statement right. Bhagat Singh was hanged on 14th February. For once, most of us forgot that the ICC World Cup is just round the corner. For once, most of us forgot that there were scams going on around us. For once, most of us forgot that it's time to file annual I-T returns. For once, most of us forgot that in a week or so, we ourselves will forget Bhagat Singh and get back to our normal routine. But on 14th February, emotions were charged and charged high. An altered Wiki page, provided the source of energy. A few educated but mindless Tweeples and Facebookers - like they say - kept the tempo going. The only mantra that seemed to run in the nervous system of charged up youth was Bhagat Singh was hanged on 14th February.

Paaji, the problem is not groups or people opposing Valentines Day. Not they wooing the youth as well. The problem is with these groups or people using cheap tactics such as 'Online Vandalism' to promote their ideas. The problem is also the educated youth believing these cooked up stories and without any cross-verification, posting the same on their Facebook walls proudly. But how would they cross-verify in this case, Paaji? The Wiki page which they refer to itself was altered! The British hanged you once on 23rd March 1931. You were hanged numerous times on 13th and 14th February 2011. But Paaji, some blame has to be shared by you too. You see, you were of the types who would desh ke liye ek baar kya hazaar baar phaansi chadenge. And lo, modern India has fulfilled that wish of yours which you as well as the British could not. What an irony! On one hand, these 'Internet Revolutionaries' strengthen their claim of being staunch Indians and on the other, misuse the Internet and disrespect the bygone Indian heroes for their sleazy benefits. Wow! India Shining! Jai Ho! Jai Vigyaan! But what about the Agyaan which our youth displayed by believing the 'Internet Revolutionaries'?

Paaji, this was just one instance of 'Online Vandalism' and something which I thought went overboard. Hence I thought of penning the same to you. There are a few others as well, Paaji. UNESCO declaring the Indian National Anthem as the best National Anthem in the world and ISKCON wins a case against a nun at Poland who abused Lord Krishna to name a few. While we don't need any certificate about our National Anthem being the best or worst, I am yet to receive a reply from ISKCON confirming or rubbishing such a case in Poland.

So Paaji, how did you feel getting hanged after 80 years? And not once or twice or thrice but each time when the concocted story decorated Twitter and Facebook and SMSs.

Vichar karo Paaji. Inquilaab Zindabad!!

Aap ki sewa mein,
Common Man.

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Bantwal said...

Nice one CM...!

vasanth said...


It is a very common disease among politicians and bigots. Just ignore it nor is it worth while to expose the falsifiers. They rarely succeed in their efforts.
And dont call Bhagat Singh Paaji which is a word for the elderly. Bhagat Singh died too young at 24. He deserves to be called "comrade"

Common Man said...

Hahah... Well said Vasanth Maam. Agree with you.

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